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You are a business owner, and as such, have to run your business and provide services to your clients.

This leaves very little (if any) time to pay attention to social media marketing.  And yet, that is where most of your potential clients are looking for service providers like you!

In today’s socially active world, you must have a dynamic online presence.

That’s the only way to you leave your competitors in the dust and attract more people to your business.

As a business owner you need to get more traffic to your website and social media profiles.

You need more people calling your business daily and ultimately making use of your services!

But maintaining a lively social media presence is not easy.  It takes a lot of work and time…

Let us help you build, and maintain, a dynamic social media presence and skyrocket your business and income to new heights!

We Can Help Your Business Stand Out And Get Noticed!



We keep our client base small and exclusive.

We like to provide personal, fast and effective service to every client.



We understand that times are tough.

You need to build your client base and increase your income without it costing you an arm and a leg.

That is why do everything in our power to offer superior, affordable services that keep us and our clients happy 🙂



We strive to offer superior client service!

Our turnaround time for queries etc., is never more than 24 hours.

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Hi, my name is Marlene and I’m a Social Media Marketer

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Marlene Roberson

Marlene Roberson

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Animated/Whiteboard Video Ads

People Love Video & Animation! Let’s Help Your Business Get More Attention AND More Customers With A Stunning, Very Affordable Animated or Whiteboard Video Commercial.

As you can imagine, a lot of work goes into the creation of an animated video.  Unfortunately the cost involved is also very high.  That means that smaller businesses and service providers cannot invest in this type of advertising.

Because video is such an excellent marketing tool, we feel that every business should be able to use animated and/or whiteboard videos.

That’s why, to make it affordable for all, we use video templates that can be customized for every client. We add client details, logo and other pertinent information.  Videos are also made more personal by adding intros and outros.

Facebook Fanpage Video Headers

Is your Facebook Business Page an asset to your business?

Are you losing customers without realising it?

Your Facebook business page should be gaining, not losing customers for your business or service …

What do prospects see when they find your Facebook business page?

Is your header a static, out of date boring graphic…

or an awesome, informative and even entertaining video?

Will people tell their friends about your header and get them to visit your page to have a look at it?

Do you post informative videos and posts?

If your Facebook business page is already attracting more customers than you know what to do with, then you don’t need us.

If not, contact us TODAY, and let’s get it working for you!

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